Friday, 18 June 2010

Adding Twitter Search to Chrome

This article will show you how to add 2 new Search Engines ('Twitter User' and 'Twitter Hashtag') to Chrome in just a few minutes.

First, right click on the Chrome Omnibox and choose 'Edit search engines...'. Alternatively, go to Chrome Options and click on the 'Manage' button in 'Default search:' area. Either way you should now be looking at the 'Search Engines' dialog...

Click the Add button to create the following search engine...

Name: Twitter User
Keyword: @

Click OK.

Next, click the Add button again to create our second search engine like this...

Name: Twitter Hashtag
Keyword: #

Click OK and then close any remaining open dialog windows.

So now, whenever you start typing the @ symbol Chrome will activate the Twitter User search

and whenever you want to search for a hashtag just start typing with the #symbol...

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