Sunday, 15 February 2009


Hi, I'm Chris and I'm the Development Director for a small UK-based, distributed software house.

We have a suite of software products, all of which are doing very well - but there's something missing.

I have decided to write this blog to learn, in public, a variety of subjects and disciplines that I am attempting to implement in my company. The aims of the blog are:
  1. Share my experiences with other people that might be in similar positions.
  2. Learn from others who have already made this journey via comments and contributions.
  3. Improve my own learning experience by writing about it.
Point 3 is also there in case no-one ever reads this!

So, what am I trying to do? Two things: Good Coffee and Good Code. Having made the, long overdue, move away from instance coffee to espresso and cappuccino it's now time to make the move to better code! In order to do the latter I am implementing a number of technologies, products and methodologies with help from the following...

Hopefullly, I will be able to share the good points but also the problems and difficulties that we experience in implenting these in a small, distributed company.

I will also be taking the opportunity to rant about anything related to the two main topics.

I hope you enjoy my stream of consciousness!

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