Sunday, 18 October 2009

A Fireside Conversation

"I had a wonderful dream last night."

"Tell me more" you say as you lean a little closer.

"Well, I dreamt that I lived in this wonderful fantasy world full of unicorns and faeries. Every day was perpetual spring and the streams ran clear and cool. I had two close neighbours and each morning one would bake bread and the other would fry bacon. Disease and crime were a thing of the past. Best of all, though, was that every public member of Microsoft's entire Base Class Library now implemented an interface."

"No way!"

"Seriously, the unicorns were beautiful."

"No, I mean the bit about the interfaces."

"Really? What, you find the rest of my utopian landscape somehow more plausible?"

"Um... yes."


"But now you mention it; that would be quite something. Imagine how easy IoC and DI would become? Unit Tests would flow from our fingers like olive oil. Simple, elegant Adapter Patterns would fill the skies like flights of swallows."

"I can almost see them."

"It can't be that difficult, can it?"


"Anyway, another pint?"

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